sabato 9 maggio 2009

The importance of ecological detergents

One of the main causes of pollution and animals’ death are detergents for housework and washing. For this reason it needs to follow some simple rules to choice natural and ethic products:
- Buy detergents without phosphates, phosphorous, enzymes, oxidants, EDTA, etc.;
- Choice detergents not tested on animals;
- Read carefully the product label to buy responsibly;
- Choice detergents derived from petroleum;
- Pay attention to aggressive crockery detergents: a remarkable quantity of them remains on dishes or glasses and can be absorbed by human organism.
- Prefer detergents without synthetic parfums: the best are those with natural essential oils.
- For wood surfaces and furniture, use products with linseed oil or beeswax;
- Remember that many eco-friendly detergents do not contain allergenics.
- Pay attention to quantity!

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