venerdì 17 aprile 2009

WWF, april means Oasis’ care

WWF dedicates the whole month of april to the Oasis’ care. The marathon is the biggest Italian project in theme of nature’s safeguard: in these years, the WWF has been able to protect more than 100 natural areas and almost 30.000 hectares of Italian territory, including rivers, beaches, mountains, woods and lagoons.
“Il mese delle Oasi” is a great event joined every year by thousand of people who want to immerse themselves in the uncontaminated nature and spend a little part of their time among protected animal’s species.
The main manifestation (The Oasis’ Day) will take place on 19th april with the admission free to the protected areas. In Abruzzo, thanks to the Italian Red Cross, the Oasis will give hospitality to some children and families victims of the recent earthquake. Moreover, for the first time, the presidential estate of Castelporziano on the south coast of Rome will be accessible to visitors.

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