giovedì 9 aprile 2009

Tiziano Ferro and Enel together for environment

Next 18th april Tiziano Ferro, one of the most popular Italian singers, will start his new eco-friendly tour “Alla mia età”. Thanks to Enel, the Italian Energy company, Ferro’s concerts will be characterized by good music and respect for environment.
Enel and Tiziano Ferro will plant 2.621 new trees in some Italian urban areas to compensate CO2 emissions of the concerts. The project, realized with AzzeroCO2, wants to re-cover an area of 3,5 hectares, like 115 tennis fields or 30 swimming pool, or also 5 San Siro stadiums.
The Tour “Alla mia età” represents a new way of make music for fans: they can enjoy and reflect on environment’s cause. Moreover, Enel offers 30 ticket gratis for every date of the summer tour.
For more info about the tour, please visit "RDS radio" web site:

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