mercoledì 20 maggio 2009

Nature loves differentiated waste disposal!

People produce every day many waste that harm environment!
The solution to this problem is to produce few waste, reusing materials that can be recycled.
So everyone must do differentiated waste disposal!
All our actions produce pollutions, but with simple rules we can avoid serious damages!
For example:

- We produce every year 30 kg of plastic. Its recycling can save 10.000 tons of petroleum and coal in a city of 100.000 inhabitants.
- To produce 1 kg of aluminium we need 15 Kwh, but to produce 1 Kg of recycled aluminium we need only 0,8 kwh.
- To produce one ton of paper we need 15 trees. 440.000 litres of water and 7.600 kwh of electrical energy. To produce one ton of recycled paper we need only 1.800 litres of water and 2.700 kwh of electrical energy.
- Recycling of glass can save every year in Italy 400.000 tons of oil.

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