mercoledì 15 aprile 2009

Battery chargers love environment

We waste two thirds of energy used by mobile phones and MP3 players when we do not remove the battery charger from the socket. For this reason Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony are working to a new generation of battery chargers.
For example, LG and Samsung have recently presented to the market two new models of mobile phones whose energy is made by mini photovoltaic panel.
Samsung Blue Earth is a touch screen phone realized with recycled plastic, able to save energy and devoid of toxic substances. The Eco-Walk function counts the daily steps and calculates the CO2 saving of walking by feet rather than by vehicles. Blue Earth has a battery charger with 5 stars efficiency.
The new LG model, instead, will be in recycled plastic and the integrated solar panels will allow three minutes of conversation autonomy for each ten minutes of solar recharge. Last but not least, the chinese Zte is working to a mobile phone that saves energy and money! Its name is Coral 200, it works thanks to small solar panels and is addressed to poor nations. Cost: only 32 euro.

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