domenica 29 marzo 2009

For a correct use of domestic appliances

- Set the refrigerator in the coldest place of your kitchen, far from heat.
- Keep almost 10 cm between the back of the refrigerator and the wall to ensure ventilation.
- Set the temperature according to the owner’s manual (Remember: too much low temperature provoke high energy consumption).
- Do not store in the refrigerator hot food.
- Close quickly the refrigerator’s door.
- Clean from dust and ice.

Washing Machine
- Select the correct temperature, between 40° and 60° C.
- Use 90° C only to disinfect.
- Use full weight and keep clean the filter.

- Set the intensive program only for very dirty dishes.
- Use recommended detergent quantity.
- Pay attention to the filter’s maintenance and use salt to prevent limestone.

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